“WHETHER YOU ARE A PAGAN, ODINIST, WICCAN OR AN Asatruist??. Or none of the above. You must know that the future is not bright. We are not living in the real world that we and our Ancestors Fought for, Strived for, Planned for us? They hoped for us to have a brighter Age an age of True Freedom of Any stupid Political games or engrossing ourselves in what If’s and Why’s of some internet viral idiot? We have been blinded by THIS EXACT SYSTEM I AM USING NOW! I AM AWARE OF THIS DIGITAL HEROIN. But i have to use this platform for no one seems to be able to understand or bother unless its online or in a society media app. The word of Mankind is silent. AI and machines are taking place of yours and my jobs but instead of being able to then take up another job, hobby, craft and freely explore and express yourself IN YOUR COMMUNITY, OUTSIDE OF THE HOME AND COMPUTER SCREEN. WAKE UP AND READ ABOUT THE “UBI” (Rutger Bregmann) , A new leader of the old Idea’s, trialled many times in many places, its required NOW!…


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